Switching from chemicals to enzymes couldn't be easier!

Switching over to Clear Choice

  1. Pour the SpaPrep solution into the existing water in your hot tub, remove the filter and let run as normal for 1 to 5 days. 
    Then drain hot tub completely.
  2. Refill your hot tub with our special hose Pre-Filter attached to any standard garden hose.
  3. Reinstall cleaned or new filter(s) and add the Spa Drops to your hot tub.  Adjust pH only if calcium deposits begin to form on hot tub walls.
    Your Spa is now ready to enjoy! 


  1. After the initial dosage of Spa Drops, add Spa Drops once a week as directed on bottle.
  2. Rinse out your filter(s) once a week with a garden hose.
  3. Soak filter(s) once a month in aprox. 5 gallons of water mixed with 5 cups of distilled white vinigar (available at any grocery store) 

It's that easy!!!
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Switching to the Clear Choice System and Water Changes

Cleaning and Purging the Spa:

The cleaner your spa is, the easier it is for the products to keep your spa clear and clean.

  1. Remove all spa filters during the purge time. At this time you are only cleaning the plumbing and spa, not the water. If too much debris is released during the purge it could restrict the flow through your filters.
  2. Open and center all spa jets and air values.
  3. Add Spa Prep to existing water. First time users, large spas, old and dirty spas add entire bottle of Spa Prep. For smaller spas (200 gallons and under) and new spas add 1/2 bottle of Spa Prep to water. If you have already been using our products, use 1/2 bottle of Spa Prep between each water change.
  4. Let Spa circulate on normal maintenance schedule and run jets for approximately 20 minutes each day. Purge 1 day for new spas and 3 to 7 days for older spas depending on how dirty the spa is.
  5. If your spa is new or empty: Fill spa with regular hose water and follow above directions (do not use Hose Pre Filter for purge process).

After Spa is Purged:

  1. Drain all water out of spa and then turn on the jets for a few seconds to clear out any dirty water that may be in the plumbing.
  2. Reinstall either new filters or cleaned and sterilized old filters.

Installing Micron Sleeve around your existing filter:

  1. Simply tie the Micron Sleeve around your main filter (if you have more than one). The micron Sleeve does not have to cover the entire filter, just part of it is sufficient to do the job. The Micron Sleeves have a looser micron weave and greater texture to catch a different type of dirt that your normal filters may miss.

Filling Spa with new water:

  1. Attach the Clear Choice Hose Pre-filter to a garden hose and let run flush for 1 minute before placing in spa.
  2. Our Clear Choice Hose Pre-filters are designed to work with our products and are usually good for one full spa filling and topping off throughout the season before needing to be replaced. For smaller spas or very clean water to start with, you most likely will get 2 fills out of our Clear Choice Hose Pre-filter.
  3. If you have a water softener unit for your home, use the softened water with our Clear Choice Hose Pre-filter to fill.

Adding Clear Choice Spa Drops to your Spa:

  1. Follow the directions on the bottle for dosage amount. There is an initial dose and a smaller weekly dosage thereafter.
  2. For very small spas, under 200 gallons, or Soft Tubs start out with 1/2 dosage recommended on bottle for best results.
  3. Finding the right dosage for your water and usage is key to the ease of using our products. If the water is not producing desired results please call or email us so we may assist you.

Keep your pH between 7.8 and 8.2 for the first 2 months:
Use any standard pH up or down found at any pool or spa store and follow the directions on their container. You can also use white distilled vinegar for a pH down and baking soda for a pH up. Always adjust your pH slowly as to not over correct.

Ozonators and UV Lights:
Clear Choice products are compatible with these additions to your spa though not necessary for our products to work correctly and effectively.

Weekly and Monthly Maintenance:
Once a Week Maintenance: Thoroughly rinse spa filter(s) and Micron Sleeve and add Spa Drops as directed.
Once a Month Maintenance: Soak filters in either 5 cups of white distilled vinegar to 5 gallons of water ratio over night or soak filters in water with a splash of bleach for a few hours. Be sure to thoroughly rinse filters and Micron Sleeve before reinstalling into spa.

Overdosing with Spa Drops:
Using too many Spa Drops in your spa is the most common error. This is due to the fact that everyone’s water make up and usage can vary to a large degree. In some cases you need to adjust the dosage accordingly. The more frequent you use the spa, the more drops you may need. On the other hand, if you are not using the spa at all for a week or so, you don’t need to add any drops at all. It’s best to start off with the recommended dosage on the bottle and then call us if you the water isn’t clear and clean.

White Cloudy Water:
If, during the first initial dosage of Spa Drops, the water becomes an obvious white cloudiness, add another full dose of Spa Drops right away. This white cloudiness is caused by the water going through molecular changes and is in need of an extra one time boost.

Silky Residue:
Soft, odorless residue on the spa surfaces are harmless salts. These residues will dissipate with time.

Slippery sides to your Soft Tub or Spa:
This is a temporary issue due to the enzymes breaking down the manufacturing coating on the vinyl or an overdose of Spa Drops (our enzymes will considerably extend the life of you vinyl). The slipperiness will dissipate with time either from the enzymes breaking down this coating or the lowering of your dosage.

Rough Surface Deposits:
Sometimes hard mineral or salt deposits will form on the inside of the spa shell. This can be a result of some final chlorine or bromine salt deposits being flushed from the spa plumbing the the purge didn’t remove or from high mineral calcium content in the water that the hose pre filter didn’t remove completely. Normally these deposits will disappear within a week or so. If they don’t, lower your pH to 7.2 and rinse your filters more frequently until the issue is resolved.

Green Tinted Water:
This is harmless and should disappear with time. Normally this is residual metals or minerals in the water that are oxidizing. A green tint can also result from not using a hose pre filter when adding water to your spa. This can also be your first indication of overdosing so you can try skipping a week of Spa Drops and, if it improves, lower your weekly dosage by at least 1/3.

Light Musty Odor:
This is normal for new customers during the first to fourth week as the natural spa water sets up. With time this odor (trapped Co2 gas) should only be noticeable when you first open your hot tub cover and release the steam. This could also be the beginning of an overdose of Spa Drops. Skip a week of Spa Drops and see if the musty smell doesn’t diminish. If it does, lower your weekly Spa Drops by at least 1/3.

Light flakes in the water are non-toxic build-up from the spa plumbing. Clean spa filters more often and lower your pH to 7.2 till the issue dissipates. If flakes persist, add 2oz of Spa Prep to water. Wait 6 to 12 hours then follow the previous directions after spa is purged to prevent further build up, adjust and maintain the pH at 7.6 to 7.8


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