About Clear Choice

John Warberg a leader in natural bioremediation with 8 years prior knowledge in the bioremediation industry developed the Clear Choice spa water treatment system over 16 years ago.

John, like many of us, was disturbed by the issues inherent in chemical spa and pool water treatment. He understood the innate ability of a natural body of water to continually cleanse itself. With this in mind, John set out to emulate Nature, a system that has been proven successful for millions of years. He spent two years improving and developing the Clear Choice system, and after his friends and business associates had used it for about a year with GREAT results, the water treatment product was ready to be shared on a wider scale.

Since then it has been available for over 12 years in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. John's previous bioremediation successes to replace toxic chemicals with enzymes in other industries include medical, dental, food processing, agriculture, waste water and aquaculture.

  • When wood and leaves decay in a forest enzymes are produced from healthy bacteria.
  • Fermentation of alcohol is probably the oldest known enzyme reaction.
    No biological activity would occur without enzymes.
  • They move our muscles, stimulate nerves, and make our hearts beat, keep you breathing and allow you to think and process information.
  • We would not be able to exist without enzymes.

Clear Choice Spa and Hot tub treatment uses Bioremediation Technologies. These duplicate Nature’s ability to restore and sustain natural environments to their organic and uncontaminated state. A mountain lake or stream utilizes circulation, aeration and healthy bacteria to balance and cleanse itself.

Clear Choice contains a full array of non-bacterial enzymes found in a healthy body of water. Clear Choice water treatment breaks down organic waste to a smaller size which allows for faster natural oxidation. Clear Choice also contains a special nutrient (food) that sustains the healthy enzymes we need but will not feed any type of infectious bacteria that we do not want.

This, combined with filtration, aeration and circulation in your spa mimics the rhythms of a natural body of water and ensures that the natural system stays alive and healthy between bathers and swimmers.

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