About Us

At Nature’s Hot TubTreatment we are passionate about sharing great ideas that are not only healthy for humans but are also healthy and nurturing for the Earth! By eliminating the use of chemicals such as chlorine and bromine and replacing them with living enzymes, YOU are contributing toward the return of dynamic balance between humankind and Mother Nature.

Here at Nature‘s Hot TubTreatment, we LOVE water!!! We love drinking it, swimming and floating in it, soaking in outdoor springs that Nature provides and now, finally, soaking in our own Naturally maintained hot tub every single day!

Clear Choice Spa Water Treatment relies on bioremediation technologies, which duplicate Nature’s ability to restore environments to their original, uncontaminated state. The creator of Clear Choice has worked with the bioremediation processes in agriculture, aquaculture, and food processing for over 10 years.

Initially, John Warberg, from Eagle, Idaho developed this amazing all-Natural water treatment system for his own use after having become frustrated by the high levels of maintenance required with traditional hot tub chemical use.

He spent two years solidly improving and developing this miraculous, enzyme-based formula for the consumer market.

After his friends and business associates put it to use for about one year with excellent results, John felt that this water treatment product was ready to be made available on a wider scale and he began sharing it with the world!

It was the first enzyme-based product that offered an alternative to traditional hot tub chemicals and has been working for and wowing customers over the last 12 years.


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