No more dry itchy skin.
Our products naturally exfoliate and beautify your skin, leaving it silky-soft when you get out of the pool or spa.

No more red eyes.
The enzymes in our product create an all-natural hypoallergenic environment that is soothing, not irritating, to the eyes.

Chemically sensitive or have skin problems?
Clear Choice is completely natural, gentle and hypoallergenic. If you haven’t been able to enjoy your pool or hot tub because of an existing skin condition or sensitivity, you will gleefully find that our products make it possible for you to swim and soak without drying effects or dermal agitation.

Say goodbye to scum line!
Our water purification treatment disolves the usual scum line that forms at the water line on the side of your hot tub to almost nothing if not completely.

Saves time and money.
You will spend less money in maintenance, overall, with the Clear Choice system as there is no need for shocking or adding other chemical additives to try to keep your spa water balanced and clear. This treatment does it all naturally. The amount included in the starter kit normally lasts from 6 months to a year, depending on frequency of usage.

Prolongs the life of your spa equipment and accessories.
While Chlorine and Bromine are oxidizers that attack everything, causing corrosion, the ingredients in our products only attack the dead natural matter leaving your spa equipment, cover and other accessories healthily intact.

Good for the environment.
No more releasing chlorine or bromine gases into the atmosphere or having chemicals spill out onto your lawn or deck. Our products will actually benefit your garden, shrubs, lawn and surrounding environment.

Enzymes love the heat!
While Chlorine evaporates or gases off at an accelerated rate in hot temperatures, our products have been proven to thrive in hot temperatures. (Although you must keep the unused products in a cool, dark place when not in use to prolong shelf life before they are added to the hot tub, pool or spa.)

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