Dear Customer,

You want to enjoy your hot tub naturally without comprising your health and so do we. Because this is an all natural chemical free product, you may need to make adjustments or be patient while the water is going through it’s molecular changes to get the results that you are looking for. This is a fantastic product, used successfully by hundreds of thousands of spa owners worldwide. If your having issues and can’t find the balance for your particular water type and usage, please give us a call so we may assist you.


Purging the Spa

(The cleaner your spa is to start, the easier it is for the enzymes to purify your water.)
1. Remove all spa filters during the purge time to prevent clogging.
2. Open and center all spa jets and air values.
3. Add Spa Prep to your existing water. First time users, for large spas, or old and dirty spas, add entire bottle of Spa Prep. For smaller spas (200 gallons or less) and for new spas add 1/2 bottle of Spa Prep. If you have been using our products, use 1/2 bottle of Spa Prep prior to water change.
4. Let spa circulate on your normal maintenance schedule while running jets for approximately 10 minutes each day. For new spas, 1 day is sufficient, for older spas, leave for 3 to 7 days depending on how dirty the spa is. (It’s okay to use the spa during the purge if it looks inviting).
5. ***If your spa is new or empty. Fill spa with regular hose water and follow above directions (do not use Hose Pre-Filter for purging).

After spa is purged

1. Drain all water out of the spa and turn on the jets for a few seconds to empty water from the plumbing. Rinse, wipe clean spa throughly.
2. Reinstall either new filters or sterilized old filters (Filters older than 2 years must be replaced by new ones).

Installing Micron Sleeve

1. Simply tie the Micron Sleeve around your main filter. If you have more than one, choose the main filter. The string side of the sleeve goes on the outside and it doesn’t have to cover the entire filter. It’s okay to custom cut the Micron Sleeve if needed in order for a proper fit.

Filling your spa with new water

1. Attach the Hose Pre-Filter to any garden hose and let water run through it for 1 minute before placing into spa.
2. If you have a water softener, use 1/2 softened water and 1/2 regular water to fill your spa.
3. Our Hose Pre-filters are designed to work with our products. For large spas they are good for one fill along with topping off for the season. For smaller spas, you can get 2 fills with topping off between water changes.

Adding the Spa Drops to your spa

1. Follow the directions on the bottle for dosage amount. There is an initial dosage for the first week, it is twice the amount of the weekly maintenance dose. Use your jets on to help mix the enzymes into the water. It’s okay to use your spa right away.

Soft, Inflatable, and Normal Hot Tubs under 200 gallons. Start off by using 1/2 dosage of what is recommended on bottle. (Both the initial dosage and the weekly maintenance dosage).

Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Schedule

Once a Week: Thoroughly rinse filters and Micron Sleeve and add Spa Drops as directed.
Once a Month: Sterilize filters and Micron Sleeves with either a solution of 5 cups of white distilled vinegar to 5 gallons of water, soak over night then rinsing throughly, or use 1/4 cup of bleach to 5 gallons of water and soak for 2 to 3 hours then rinse throughly.

Over-dosing with the Spa Drops

Using too many Spa Drops in your spa is the most common error. Everyone’s water is different and spa usage can vary to a large degree. In some cases you need to adjust the dosage accordingly. The more frequent you use the spa, the more drops you may need. On the other hand, if you are not using the spa for a week or so, you don’t need to add any drops at all. It’s best to start off with the recommended dosage on the bottle.
If you notice brown gooey substances beginning to develop along with a strong musty smell that doesn’t go away; this is a sign of overdose. Skip a week or two or until water balances and then cut your weekly dosage down by 1/3.

Under-dosing with the Spa Drops

If you detect a sour, gym sock or dirty washcloth smell when you lift the cover of your hot tub you have an under dose and you should immediately add another initial dose of Spa Drops and increase your weekly dosage by 1/3 to 1/2. Wait until this smell is gone before you enter the spa.

Adjusting the pH

You don’t need to adjust the pH with our system unless calcium deposits build up on the shell of your spa. If this is happening, you can use any standard pH up or down or white distilled vinegar as a pH down and baking soda as a pH up. You will need to experiment to determine how much you may need to use. We suggest adjusting your pH slowly as to not over correct.

Circulation and Filtering

Adequate circulation and filtering in your spa is THE most important thing you need in order to enjoy pristine spa water. The water in your spa needs to be moving and passing through your spa’s filter for at least four hours a day. This is a healthy, living body of water and must be oxygenated! We can’t state it enough that adequate movement and filtering is paramount in order for the Clear Choice system (and indeed any spa maintenance system) to work properly. The circulation and aeration of the water allows the Clear Choice enzymes to adequately break down organic contaminants and ensures that the spa water is oxygenated, thus deterring the growth of pathogenic organisms. Adequate filtration ensures that organic matter is trapped and removed from the water. 

Spa Filters

If you have had your spa filter for over two years, it’s time for a new one. We have had people struggling to maintain clear water, astounded by the difference they see after they have invested in a new filter. To thoroughly clean your filter, a regular garden hose attachment that has a jet spray is fine; a high- pressure water cleaner is too hard on the filter fabric. As you spray the filter, try and get into each pleat and remove built up hair and other material. The Clear Choice system works best with regular white pleated filters. Filters with a very fine weave, like Microban or Sundance Micro Clean filters, may require more frequent cleaning than once a week.


These are completely natural organic products. Sometimes it may take a few weeks for the water to go through the necessary molecular changes before you get the clear and clean conditions you can expect from using our products. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to give us a call so we can assist you in finding the right amount of Spa Drops for your particular situation. Once you find the right balance of Spa Drops you won't find an easier or more natural product to use in keeping your spa clean and safe.

Leaving home

What do I need to do if I’m going away and leaving my spa?

We advise turning down your spa’s temperature to the minimum setting and reducing the spa’s filtration time to two hours per day. Add one full week’s dose of Spa Drops, and ensure that your spa’s cover is securely locked down. Your spa will be ready to use upon your return no matter what length of time you are away. 

Ozonators and UV Lights

Clear Choice products are compatible with these additions to your spa though not necessary for our products to work correctly and effectively.


Clear Choice products are compatible with just about everything except Baqua Spa products. All other products should be added after the initial set up and the water has stabilized. Add any additional products slowly to see how they affect the water.

Milky White, Cloudy Water

If, during the first initial dosage of Spa Drops, the water becomes an obvious white cloudiness, add another full dose of Spa Drops right away. This white cloudiness is caused by the water going through molecular changes and is in need of an extra one time boost.

Light Musty Odor

This is normal for new customers during the first to fourth week as the natural spa water sets up. During that time odor (trapped Co2 gas) should only be noticeable when you first open your spa cover and release the steam. This could also be the beginning of an overdose of Spa Drops. If you suspect an over dose skip a week of Spa Drops and see if the musty smell diminishes. If it does, lower your weekly Spa Drops by at least 1/3.

Green or Brownish Tint

This can be due to a number of factors. Phosphates in your source water will create a green tint. This is harmless and should disappear with time. Metals like copper or nickel oxidizing in the water can turn slightly green. Iron oxidizing will result in a brownish tint. Algae growing in your spa can also cause a greenish tint. This is mainly due your spa water being exposed to excess sunlight, which occurs if you are not covering the spa with a lid. If you suspect this is the case make sure that you cover the spa at all times when not in use and treat the water with a shock dose of chlorine to 5ppm. Refrain from using the spa until the chlorine level is 2ppm or less. The chlorine shock will not interfere with the Clear Choice system. 

Cloudy Water

When first starting with Clear Choice, occasionally for a one or two week period, when water is softening and changing molecularly you could see some cloudiness. Try to be patient as the water goes through these changes. Cloudy spa water can also be due to heavy use. With enough time your spa water will return to its original state, to speed things up a little, give your spa filter a good clean, and then run the spa pump for 5 -6 hours. If the water is really cloudy, you may need to hose out your filter a couple of times during this process. If the water is still cloudy, you may need to treat it with some non-chlorine shock like MPS to more quickly break down organic matter. The shock dose will dissipate from your spa water fairly rapidly; so don’t worry if you occasionally need to resort to a shock dose. Cloudy water beginning to appear past the first couple of weeks could be a sign of overdose. Skip a week or two of adding Spa Drops and if this fixes the problem reduce your weekly dosage of Spa Drops by 1/3.

Slippery sides to your Soft Tub or Spa

This is a temporary issue due to the enzymes breaking down the manufacture’s coating on the vinyl or an overdose of Spa Drops (Not to worry, our enzymes will considerably extend the life of you vinyl!). The slipperiness will dissipate with time either from the enzymes breaking down this coating or the lowering of your dosage. If you notice a brown gooey build up or strong musty smell then its an overdose issue.

Foamy Water

Foamy water is always caused by detergents being introduced into the water from bathing suits, etc… There is nothing in the Spa Drops that will cause foaming. (Spa Prep can cause foam, which is normal).

Rough Surface Deposits

Sometimes soft or hard deposits will form on the spa shell. This can be a result of some final chlorine or bromine salt deposits being flushed from your spa's plumbing. Normally, these deposits will break down and disappear within two weeks. If deposits remain, reduce your pH levels to 7.2 and rinse your filters more frequently until the problem is resolved.


Brown flakes in the water are a non-toxic buildup from the spa's plumbing that has been loosened by the enzymes in Clear Choice. Your spa’s filter will eventually remove these flakes from the water. You may hose out your filter more often until the flakes are gone. Flakes that are whitish in appearance may be due to white mold in your spa’s plumbing. If this is the case you will need to shock dose your spa with chlorine to 5ppm to remove the mold from your system. Chlorine shock will dissipate from your spa water and will not interfere with the Clear Choice system. Refrain from using the spa until the chlorine level drops to 2ppm or below.

Slippery Feel

Clear Choice contains positively charged ions and your spa surface has a negative charge. Occasionally a bond between these two charges will occur resulting in a slight film that may develop on the spa walls. Simply wipe the surface with your hand or a cloth (rinsed well to remove any existing detergents) to break this bond.

Is Clear Choice Safe?

Since 1996 we have not encountered any health issues or problems with our hundreds of thousands of customers world wide that use our products. Most of our customers are looking for an alternative to the harsh chemicals of chlorine and bromine which can cause skin rashes, red eyes, dried out skin and respiratory irritation from exposure to these chemicals due to their corrosive and toxic nature.  Others are chemically sensitive or dealing with serious health issues that make soaking in a chemical hot tub disastrous for their health.  Many do not want their children to be exposed to these chemicals (especially younger children who may accidentally consume some of the water as they play).  Clear Choice is not a sanitizer, it does not kill "all" organic matter indiscriminately like chlorine and bromine.  Our products work like Mother Nature, the perfectly safe, natural enzymes break down the organic matter so rapidly that it removes the food chain for bad bacteria to grow and allows circulation and oxidation (through aeration) to complete the process. Our product is a "water purification system" not a sanitizer.  Your skin will be softer, feel nourished and your immune system will not be compromised. Our most sensitive and health challenged customers love our products and are happy to be able to enjoy their hot tubs again!

Skipping Steps

If your having issues and you skipped some of our outlined steps, please back up and start again using our tried and true process for a happy, clean hot tub experience.

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