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Clear Choice is a natural pool cleaner that relies on enzymes rather than chemicals to keep your pool clean and your swimmers healthy. Explore the advantages of a healthy pool.

1. Enzymes keep your pool healthy and clean out of season. Our chlorine alternative for pools requires no “opening” or “closing”, no need for expensive procedures such as metal sequestering agents, algaecides and chlorine during the off season.
2. When using Clear Choice Pool Treatment during the swimming season you only need to maintain a chlorine level of .5 ppm. Normally (or traditionally), it is recommended that you maintain a chlorine level of 1 to 3 pmm. This will greatly reduce your amount of chemical consumption and offer a considerable financial savings!
3. Your pool walls, equipment, pool toys and bathing suits will last considerably longer by using a chemical free swimming pool treatment. Your skin, eyes and hair will all thank you for the significant decrease in chemical exposure! Aside from the cost-cutting benefits, you will now be swimming in water that is as Nature intended.

Advantages of using Clear Choice All Natural Pool Treatment

  • ​Vinyl will last longer
  • Pumps will not get the usual residue build up which shortens their life spans.
  • Skin will feel soft, not dried out, tight and itchy when you get out of the pool.
  • You can swim with your eyes open under the water and it will not hurt them.
  • Your hair will soften, will not become dry, frizzy or turn green.
  • Bathing suits will last longer.
    and so much more!!!

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A full year supply for up to a 10,000 gallon pool


We’re confident you will love our products. Our 90-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give you ample opportunity to experience optimal results from our products, completely risk-free.

How to Start

Be sure you are starting off with a clear, clean balanced body of water regarding your pH, alkalinity, and water hardness before you start using this product.
Have your chlorine levels at around .5ppm (usually around 1/4 of what pool manufacture recommends) or you can use 30-50ppm of hydrogen peroxide (starting off with 30ppm) and maintain these levels during the whole season.
You will want to keep an eye on the pH, alkalinity, and water hardness levels of your water on a weekly basis.

1. Mix Clear Choice Pool Treatment dosage with one gallon of pool water in a bucket and treat water evenly around the pool perimeter with the mixture.
2. Add 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water for the 1st and 2nd week.
3. Skip week 3.
4. Then add 1 ounce per 10,000 gallons every other week during the peak season, (weeks 4, 6, 8, etc…).

Clear Choice Pool Treatment will remove any organic, metal, mineral, or chemical build-up from the pool surfaces and plumbing during the first month of use. Frequent filter cleaning and/or backwashing may be required during this time. Monitor your pool’s filtration system closely for the first month.

Clear Choice Pool Treatment product contains a broad-spectrum enzyme package that will bio-oxidize all organics introduced into the pool by swimmers and weather. Clear Choice Pool Treatment also contains a special active ingredient that replaces any and all products for controlling scale, corrosion, and mineral deposits in your pool water. No other water clarifiers needed.

Closing the pool
When getting ready to close your pool, add 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons each week for the last two weeks, and then close the pool.

To determine how many gallons of water your pool has.
Measure Length X Width X Depth X 7.5 to determine how many gallons your pool holds.


If you’ve been searching for an alternative to chlorine for your swimming pool, you will find that Clear Choice is the right choice. Our chemical free pool treatment easy to use, easy to maintain, and cost effective. Try our swimming pool enzymes and see the difference!


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