My whole life, I have loved getting in the water.  I have always enjoyed looking at bodies of water, but immersing myself “in” the water is always my goal.

As a young adult, I noticed that I started having health issues as I spent time in hot tubs and pools. This was very frustrating for me so I began to search everywhere for alternatives.  I tried everything from Floatrons to hydrogen peroxide among other products only to find only partial success.  They either didn’t work at all or the maintenance and balancing of the water was frustratingly difficult.

In 2010, A friend of mine, Ron Werre told me about this product his wife Helen brought home one day called Clear Choice. Up until then, Helen had always refused to use the hot tub because of the effects that the chemicals had on her skin. He began using the products and was very excited to tell me that after 6 months, his water was clean and clear and the maintenance was the most simple of all.  Just adding Spa Drops into the water and rinsing the filters. 

I immediately contacted Clear Choice and began using the products right away and was extremely impressed, as Ron had promised.

A long delightful friendship and partnership began between the inventor John Warberg and myself. I worked out an arrangement with John to take his spa and hot tub cleaning products to a new level of visibility so that as many people as possible could find them and experience the relief and enjoyment of not having to compromise their health to enjoy their hot tub.

Having been self-employed since I was 18 and having owned several businesses, I created a website and started an online store called Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment.  The only products we sell on the site are the Clear Choice products because we believe that they truly are the very best hot tub cleaning supplies on the market.

From that beginning in 2010, I now have thousands of very happy and satisfied customers across the US and Canada that have become loyal customers due to success and enjoyment  that they have using these hot and spaa cleaning products.

Everyday we try to get all the new orders out as fast as possible to our customers.  We ship either the same day or within 24 hours, on business days.  We offer 7 days a week customer support and it’s a great feeling knowing that we have provided thousands of hot tub enthusiasts a safe and easy alternative to chemicals. 


Tom Swindell

Owner of Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment 

Grass Valley, California