Clear Choice Spa Drops 4oz (Good for 2 year supply)


Clear Choice Spa Drops – 4oz

Clear Choice Spa Drops is a highly concentrated formula of natural surfactants along with a special blend of coenzymes. The surfactants break down the organic waste in the spa, while the coenzymes accelerate the natural bio-oxidation and self-purification processes in your spa water. This 4 oz bottle is a full 2-year supply!


Clear Choice Spa Drops – 4oz

If you are tired of, or allergic, to the chlorine or bromine chemicals that you routinely add to your spa water, then it is time to switch to Clear Choice spa cleaner. Clear Choice Spa Drops are made with natural enzymes that are positively charged to attract oil, organic particles, and unwanted by-products. They bond to these contaminants, break them down into smaller bits and/or dissolves them so they can be filtered from the water.  Using enzymes for cleaning is the safest way to enjoy your spa, and the most comfortable. No more burning eyes, itchy skin, or red blotches from harmful chemicals. A Clear Choice spa is a healthy spa. Our Spa Drops are a convenient and cost-effective way to remove the chemicals and odor from your spa.

One 4oz bottle of Clear Choice Spa Drops will last 2 years. Make your spa maintenance simpler, easier, and safer for the whole family with Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment.

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