Thank you so much for the clear choice water system. The system has made such a difference in our lives. In 1980 we had severe carbon monoxide poisoning in our home. Though our health has improved we still cannot tolerate any heavy chemicals such as the chlorines and bromines that are usually put into spas.

I have had three or four car wrecks so I need to get into the spa daily. Getting in was a real ordeal because I had to shower off all of the harsh chemicals and limit my use. Since using your spa treatment with the enzymes, it has been a lot nicer because we have not had to use the harsh chemicals. Our spa has been germ free, and I am able to get in as often as I want to without any chemical consequences.

Your products are very cost effective compared to the usual chemical additives recommended by spa stores.
I have highly recommended this to many of my patients and those that have used it have reported similar results as mine. They are able to get in as often as they like without the terrible consequences from the chemicals.

You and your staff have been most helpful in explaining any questions that we have had in guiding us through the process. I highly recommend this to those that are chemical sensitive. I also recommend it for everyone because the bromines and the chlorines penetrate the skin and are not good for the organs and the body systems to function.