I just love using my spa all due to your wonderful products and all your help. Anyone who happens to come by and see my spa always has the same question..”how do keep it so clean? And it doesn’t even smell of chemicals?”. That’s when your name pops up and I give them your information. When I first got my spa it arrived with all sorts of “stuff” to put in it..pH up! pH down! Chlorine, bromine, even mention you could buy all sorts of fragrance for the water etc. etc. etc.!! Frogs that float filled with who knows!! Needless to say I got hunting on line, read everything I could about having a more natural spa and I came across Tom and Natures Hot Tub Treatment. Tom was always helpful with all my questions and  I could not be more pleased and satisfied with these products. Hope anyone getting a spa looks into what Tom has to offer….your health is your wealth, if you try to eat healthy, watch what you put on your body or soak your body in as well. ….read, read..and read some more..spas and pools can be healthy….OR NOT.

I love and ONLY use.. Natures Hot Tub Treatment