This is the most WONDERFUL thing to happen to my spa. I am very sensitive to chemicals and will not put chlorine in my spa or pool. As I was surfing around the net looking for something better to use than bromine or non-chlorine products, I found Clear Choice… And am I happy about it. I used a non-chlorine product before I found Clear Choice which never gave me the clarity and softness. I still had itch and dry skin.

I read and re-read the web site because it sounded too good to be true. I emailed questions and got straight answers to my questions (not a sales talk, as one might expect). Some answers I did not quite understand; therefore, I emailed again (and again) until I felt sure enough to order the product.

I received my first order Sept. 2002 and after looking at what I got for the money, I really felt skeptical. It all looked so simple, and I did not have to add a bunch of stuff to the spa. Now how can this be?

Well, one of the answers I got in an email was, “If I do not like the product at any time I can get my money back…No questions asked.” How can you go wrong with such a guarantee?

Now we are talking simple here folks… The kit is a tiny bottle of preparation with a filter to add water through and another bottle which says to add 5 ml/wk. Can you believe it? I did not as I stood there emptying my spa of its water.

I really cleaned that bugger when it was empty and then began to fill using their filter. Yea, sure that filter is going to add “clear” water (our water has lots of clay particles and is really brown sometimes)… To my amazement, the water going into the spa was clear! YEA… I’m impressed.

As the months have gone on… I followed the instructions to the tee. I clean my filter every week. In fact, I have two filters that I rotate, so that the filter goes into the spa one week and rests another … Don’t want it to work too hard ūüôā I am faithful about cleaning the filter. I believe it is very important to have a clean filter. I clean the filter in a very dilute bleach and water solution (Clear Choice directions) while I’m sitting in the spa.

I then sit the alternate filter overnight in a diluted solution, which takes oils out of the filter (I got this product at the spa store months ago). This is not a recommendation of Clear Choice… This is what I do. I like a clean filter. That filter goes in the following week.

The water in my spa is beautiful… It is soooo clear. There is a little musty smell in the water because I still keep my solar blanket under the cover (not recommended by Clear Choice) so that my cover does not get waterlogged. I can live with this because it dissapates as soon as I turn the jets on. Having wonderful clear water
and NO itchy or dry skin is the best.

In fact my skin feels absolutely soft and wonderful after a spa. I am in the spa everyday, more than once a day. My skin is 61 years old and my students tell me they do not believe I am that OLD! I like that.

My friend just bought a spa and has chlorine in it. I put my hand in to feel how hot it was because she said it was 103 degrees which I doubted. Mind you I only put in my hand. As I drove away from her home, I could taste chlorine in my mouth (it lasted for a few hours afterwards). I sent her Clear Choice website as soon as I got home. I care about her health and want her to use this product because she will never regret it.

I do not understand why anyone would want to use chemicals in their spa. I want to sell this to everyone; yet was told it’s sold only on the web. Yay¬†for them. I like people to be in business and make a go.

I will not go into a spa that has any chemicals in it. I will wait until I get to my own spa to enjoy life. You guys better keep making this stuff.

Thank you for inventing this wonderful product.