Clear Choice ProductsAt Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment, we believe less is more…
Less chemicals, Less Cost – More Natural, More Enjoyable, More Health Benefits!!!
That is the Clear Choice formula. These hot tub, spa, and natural pool products cost less to use than traditional hot tub chemicals, they produce no offensive odors, no skin irritation, and no endocrine disruptors to harm your family. Safe, clean, and absolutely wonderful to bathe in.
Harness the power of nature by choosing to clean with enzymes rather than chlorine or bromine. Your maintenance will be easier than you ever imagined, and you will never worry again about what the chemicals are doing to your skin, your bathing suit, and your body. Clear Choice makes your spa and hot tub water feel soft and inviting. Your skin will feel the same.
Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment offers a Start Up Kit to get you on your way to a chemical-free hot tub or spa. Follow that with the Natural Swim Spa or Pool Treatment for a 1-year supply of chemical-free cleaning. Everything you need to be a healthy and happy pool, spa, or hot tub owner.

Once you go chemical-free, you will never look back. Your equipment and your family will thank you.
Our money back guarantee and free shipping (for orders over $100) will help you make the plunge!
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Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment – The Clear Choice

100% Chemical Free Natural Hot Tub Treatment – Cost Effective and Healthy

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!