natural spa productsA crystal-clear and chemical-free spa can be yours with Clear Choice Spa Drops.

Yes, you can enjoy your spa without smelling chlorine or bromine! Those chemicals are extremely bad for your hair, skin, and clothing. In fact, many people have stopped using their spa because of allergic reactions to those harmful chemicals.

There is an alternative!

Clear Choice Spa Drops is a unique formulation of enzymes and natural surfactants that bond to the contaminants in your spa, break them down, and prepare them to be removed by your filter. A spa that is cleaned and maintained with enzymes feels so much healthier on your skin. Your nose and your clothes will also thank you.

Harness the power of nature with Clear Choice Spa Drops. A 4 oz bottle will last 2 years – an incredibly economical option. Feel the difference of enzyme cleaning – your water will feel soft and inviting. Turn on the jets and the bubbles will not burn your nose with chlorine gas.

Prepare to be amazed by this wonderful and natural product!


Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment – The Clear Choice

100% Chemical Free Natural Hot Tub Treatment – Cost Effective and Healthy

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!