All Natural Hot Tub Treatment KitClear Choice Hot Tub Start-up Kit is a non-chlorine hot tub option for clear, clean, and natural water. Our Kit contains everything you need to maintain your hot tub for a full year.

The Kit contains:

Spa Prep – This a solution that is added to tub that removes unwanted chemical, mineral, organic or metallic buildup. This thoroughly cleans the spa and the plumbing and is completely safe for use.

Spa Drops – This is a highly concentrated formula of natural surfactants, which break down the organic waste, along with a blend of special coenzymes derived from plants and minerals, that accelerate natural bio-oxidation and self-purification processes in your spa water.

Hose Pre-filter  – Simply attach our pre-filter to your garden hose when filling or topping off your spa water. It will help to remove unwanted minerals and metals before they enter your tub.

Micron Sleeve – Wrap our micron sleeve around your existing spa cartridge filter for enhanced water filtration.

Healthy Hot Tub

Clear Choice is an all natural hot tub enzyme product designed to keep your tub clean without harsh chemicals. Chlorine is a dangerous chemical and much overused in today’s cleaning products. It is used today to disinfect everything from tap water to industrial waste. It appears in many of our household products from kitchen and bathroom cleaners to laundry supplements.

In fact, in World War I, it was used as a chemical weapon! While we all want to kill germs and potentially hazardous bacteria, we need to be mindful of its effects on the human body. There are All Natural ways to achieve the same results. Health conscious individuals are turning to the power of nature and natural enzymes to achieve cleansing and disinfecting without chemicals.

Reduce the risks of soaking in chlorine or bromine chemicals. Turn to nature for health, turn to nature for a clean, clear hot tub. Shop now … free shipping!

Nature’s Hot Tub Treatment – The Clear Choice

100% Chemical Free Natural Hot Tub Treatment – Cost Effective and Healthy

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!